Hurry it's finally FRIDAY!!!!!

I've just finished adding the last few side bar items on my blog and I'm going to sign up for my first blog ring "Stitching Bloggers" I hope my musings aren't to ....hummmm.... intense to be rejected. Anyway....

WIP Updates: Since the stitchalong at my LNS is tomorrow, I need to get started on part 2 of "The Berlin Woolwork Sampler" tonight. This is my first spot sampler and I have to say it's been really interesting working on it. I'm not going very fast as I only can make it to one class meeting a month (the 3rd Saturday) . Sometimes it's really a challenge trying to puzzle out the diagrams, part 2 is really skimpy on diagrams. But I'm doing OK.

"Camelot Sampler" my focus piece is coming right along. I've almost got Guinn done, all that's left is her eyes, backstitching, and the net pattern behind her. Hopefully I'll have an update picture up on my other website by the end of this month.

Other Musings: I'd really like to add progress bars to a wips section in my side bar. I've even found the URL that everyone has been getting theirs from, but for some reason I can't seem to load this page. I've tried for two days at several different times during the day and I always get a "can't load page error". For some strange reason I've always had trouble loading Canadian webpages.

Well time to get started on my spot sampler.
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