I got a nice surprise...

Sunday, my sister’s new boy friend said he had the day off Monday and took care of the kids all day so I could have at least one day off from the 12-day study she’s pulled. Nice guy, I hope he becomes a permanent fixture.

After neglecting to read the R.C.T.N. newsgroup for months, today I finally D/L’ed over 2000 message headers. I was thrilled to find a posting from Mary Monica (aka Monica Ferris) that her latest hardbound book “Embroidered Truths”, coming out this June, will also be an audio book by the BBC Audio! I just hope for the $50 price tag it comes out as unabridged and in CD format.

Had a nice quiet day and got 4 hours worth of stitching done on motif #13 for the spot sampler. Looks like I will be getting it finished by this coming Sunday – YEAH!!!

That all for today's Blog Blurb.
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