Some Days Life Just…….

SUCKS!!! My favorite designer Teresa Wentzler dropped a bombshell on her bulletin board Monday the 16th. She’s decided to retire from designing counted cross stitch charts! And to go back to pursuing her art work/painting.

Everyone on her BB is all – we understand and we’ll miss you and good luck. That’s such a load of CRAP!!! I’m mad and depressed that she’d do this to us without a hint or warning. The one thing in my life that kept me motivated, to get through whatever shit was slung my way, was that I always had a refuge in my private stitching world knowing that I would have her stitching charts to look forward to.

The only thing I can be grateful about is that the TWBB will still be allowed to run and “she says” she’ll still stop by to answer questions.

Update Friday May 20, 2005 10:11 PM

Well I've been reading the fall out from the news on the TWBB this week and it seems she's back peddling.

Now she says it's only a "temporary leave of absence" and she's not totally quitting chart designing. Which is a total relief to my shred of sanity. I'm hoping after a year or two there'll be another chart from her.
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