A StitchAlong of two????

Well made it to "Count n' Stitch" today for the stitchalong get-together. Of the four ladies, only myself and the owner Tina was present. This makes the third month in a row, and of all of the stitchers, I'm the only one that's started part 2. I find that rather surprising since I started the spot sampler two months after the stitchalong/class began back in December 2004. Tina never mentioned today if the others were even working on it anymore. Seems only Tina and I are interested in motivating each other. Since it takes almost an hour on the bus to get to the store, and the fare cost is going up next month, I think I’ll stop going to the get-togethers for the summer until maybe September. I’ll simply e-mail Tina with a picture and a progress report to keep her updated.

As for the sampler, I’ve started with motif #13 and should have it done by next Saturday - I hope. After that I’m putting it away and getting back to "Camelot Sampler", I really need to force myself to work on this. There’s only 6 months left in the year and I have to get it finished, since I’ve already put the date on it for 2005.

I’m going to work exclusively on Cam Sam for the month of June, and then I think I’m going to start rotating my WiPs, stitching on a different one each week. I’m up to nine projects now, and there’s one that I haven’t worked on since 1999. I’m determined to set a goal of at least showing progress on each of them and hopefully getting something finished.

Look what came in the mail today. Isn’t she just the cutest thing!

Click here

Click here

Her name is.. "A Stitch in Time" and I found her at http://www.countryartists.co.uk/

I’m really not into figurines but when I saw her I just couldn’t resist.

One last thing: That webpage I was trying to load yesterday that had the “progress bars”html code doesn’t exist anymore. So I’ll have to look for it somewhere else.
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