What is it they say about bad news.....

Oh yeah, it always seems to come in threes. :-(

Well here's number two, ironically posted on the same day as Teresa's bombshell. From Chris George, Pam's webmaster guru: "It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that due to slow sales, I have been forced to discontinue the TreasuryOfCrafts.com downloadable craft chart service."

Which poses the question. What will happen to Pam's stitchalong mysteries? There was one slated for June 2005, Garden Jewels. Will it still be available as a mystery and from Pam's webpage? Chris says "During the next week I will make Pam's mysteries (and possibly some of her other designs) available for purchase directly from her via her website www.kittyandme.com." But he doesn't say for how long. I've posted a question about this in the thread in the Pam's Design forum. I hope I get a positive answer from Chris.

Now I guess I'll be waiting for the next bad news "shoe" to drop..........
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