Summer Fun Pack Entry

Well here it is as promised.
Fabric: Deep Teal Green 28ct Jazlyn by Zweigart
Thread: Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art -Limited Edition Color- “Coastal Fog”
Chart Name: fleur-de-lys Finished size: approx. 6.5” w x 6” h
Designer: Me!

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Silkweavers never did get their ASS in gear and send me the floss I needed to finish the chart. I gave them 2 whole weeks, that should have been plenty of time. At any rate, I ended up using PhotoShop to create a mirror image of the piece, just so I could enter it into the contest. I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to enter it just because it was unfinished do to their mishandling of my order. Besides the odds of me winning this contest are maybe 100 to 1, so I don’t consider it cheating. Besides the prize is only a $100 gift certificate or a fabric of the month club order if you win.

Selling My Stash: I decided to try and sell some of my stitchery stash on Ebay. Mostly it’s stuff I’ve gotten from the mark-down aisle at Michael’s or at Book Warehouse. Booklets, leaflets, magazines, and kits. Stuff that I don’t have anymore interest in or will never find the time to stitch. The trouble with selling it is all the fees on Ebay and paypal you incur. More often as not I end up losing money on every thing I sell because of it. Anyway it gives me something to do while I’m looking for work.

Time to start stitching on Camelot Sampler, so I’ll close this Blog Blurb for today.
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Summer vacation over already?!?!

Wow I can’t believe that 3 months have come and gone by so quickly. One more week and the kids will be back in school.

Stitchery progress: Well I never did get to work on the Cam Sam jousting scene. I got side tracked with Silkweavers “Summer Fun Pack” Summer Fabric & Fiber Fun Event. I ran out of fiber and put in an order 2 weeks ago, but haven’t received anything yet. I hope it shows up by Monday because the contest is over with on Wednesday the 31st. The prize is $100 gift certificate or a 6-month fabric-of-the-month membership. I’ll post my entry here as soon as it’s finished. It’s something I designed myself.

And that's today’s Blog Blurb.......
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Is It Friday Yet????

Click hereAs I mentioned before, I scraped together the $10 dollars needed for Pam Kellogg’s last official stitch-along mystery “Garden Jewels”. It’s subject matter is alright, but not really what I’m interested in; and certainly not worth $10. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pam’s designs but let’s just say I’m not fretting over the fact that this is her last official on-line mystery.

Teresa Wentzler also released her last cross stitch chart this week as well,
[ Tropical Dream ] and for my tastes it’s mediocre at best. No real picture per se to cross stitch, it’s mostly a band sampler with rows of specialty stitches, both pulled and cut-work and some over-one stitching. She seems to be on this kick of using new specialty dyed fibers of varying weights and newer heavier weight metallic fibers called "Ombre" manufactured by Kreinik. Stuff that’s far too expensive for me to be shelling out $2.00 or more for a single skein.

I hate to say it but I’m very disappointed in her last effort. I was really kind of hoping for the "Old World Map" or "Illuminated Manuscript". I’m afraid the only reason I bought Tropical Dream is because it’s her last project; I doubt I’ll ever stitch it.

Since this week has been fairly crappy for me, I’ve decided that from now until next Monday I’m going to put job hunting, bills, and all that other stress related crap out of my mind. I’m going to concentrate on Camelot Sampler and see if I can get at least part of the left knights horse finished. That and watch a few DVD’s that I’ve bought over the last two years and never seem to have the time to watch.
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A Sad Bit of News…..

I hadn’t heard from Tina, the owner of Count & Stitch, in over a month. So I called her up today to find out what happened to my order. It seems to have gotten screwed-up and had to be reordered and it should be in by this Saturday. But the really shocking news is that Saturday is also the last day the shop is open. Yep, Count & Stitch is going out of business. Seems she just couldn’t recover from that employee theft at the first of the year and the two people that were interested in buying her business changed their minds.

Also, Teresa Wentzler’s final chart “Tropical Dream” was sent out on shop automatics last Friday. I told Tina about it so hopefully she’ll remember to snag one for me this week. Damn, but I’m going to miss Count & Stitch. It was the only local needlework shop we’ve had since last one closed 15-20 years ago . Now I’ll have to buy all my fabric over the internet. I’m so glad I managed to buy a copy of the Wichelt and Zweigart fabric sample books when she first opened up in 2003.
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Bookmark finished….

As promised, here’s a picture of the bookmark.

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It’s not much but I had to think of something to give to mom for her birthday this November. And since she’s always scribbling something down in her diary I figured she could use a bookmark to keep her place.
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Looks like I’ve been neglecting my Blog again.

It’s not intentional it’s just with my allergies, chronic fatigue and no luck in job hunting I just haven’t felt like writing.

On The Stitching Front: I decided I needed a break from Camelot Sampler so I’m finishing up a flowers and vine bookmark that I started while I was in Leavenworth. I’ve got just a simple line border and a small backstitch box for three initials and it’ll be finished. Since mom’s birthday is coming up in November I thought I’d give it to her. She’s always needed one for her daily diary. When it’s done I’ll post a picture here.

Well that’s all for this blog blurb.
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