Is It Friday Yet????

Click hereAs I mentioned before, I scraped together the $10 dollars needed for Pam Kellogg’s last official stitch-along mystery “Garden Jewels”. It’s subject matter is alright, but not really what I’m interested in; and certainly not worth $10. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pam’s designs but let’s just say I’m not fretting over the fact that this is her last official on-line mystery.

Teresa Wentzler also released her last cross stitch chart this week as well,
[ Tropical Dream ] and for my tastes it’s mediocre at best. No real picture per se to cross stitch, it’s mostly a band sampler with rows of specialty stitches, both pulled and cut-work and some over-one stitching. She seems to be on this kick of using new specialty dyed fibers of varying weights and newer heavier weight metallic fibers called "Ombre" manufactured by Kreinik. Stuff that’s far too expensive for me to be shelling out $2.00 or more for a single skein.

I hate to say it but I’m very disappointed in her last effort. I was really kind of hoping for the "Old World Map" or "Illuminated Manuscript". I’m afraid the only reason I bought Tropical Dream is because it’s her last project; I doubt I’ll ever stitch it.

Since this week has been fairly crappy for me, I’ve decided that from now until next Monday I’m going to put job hunting, bills, and all that other stress related crap out of my mind. I’m going to concentrate on Camelot Sampler and see if I can get at least part of the left knights horse finished. That and watch a few DVD’s that I’ve bought over the last two years and never seem to have the time to watch.
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