Stitchery Update....

As promised I managed to get a picture of my progress on "Our Days" uploaded to my WiPs page. Didn't quite get the flower buds and backstitching done, but I came real close to my goal. The cross stitching is finished for the most part, now it's back stitching the verse and the names. I'm hoping that it will go quickly and I'll have plenty of time to get it washed, laced, & framed well before the end of January.
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Updates all round…

Wedding Stitchery: I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the “Our Days” sampler. I should have the bells and flowers/ribbons done by this weekend for a new picture update Sunday the 18th. If I keep pushing myself, I should have it finished by the second weekend in January. (cross-fingers)

This Blog: I’m getting a little tired of looking at the same old background and page layout of this template and I'm thinking about changing it. I don’t know if I’ll come up with my own background or just use one of Bogglers free templates. That’s only if they’ve some new and/or different ones from the last time.

Time to close this blog, Donn is taking me out to dinner at Applebee’s tonight.
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Week One Update...

Stitching Progress: I created a new WiP page for my "Our Days" progress, and I managed to just get the bell bottoms done. Not much work for 3 weeks even if I was sick. I really need to get my butt in gear put in time each day on it - at least 5 hours.

Here’s the model picture:
Click here
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