New Job Title and Other Stuff…

Well on Monday the 17th I told Arlene about my right hand stiffing up to the point where I was slowing down stuff boards and that I’d like to work to the end of the week. Instead of letting me go she wanted to know if I’d like to try working in the stock room, pulling parts for kits. She said, like assembly work it would only be on a temp basis. I said sure I’ll give it a try; little did I know it meant I’d be standing on my feet for 7 hours a day. Still it’s better than having shooting pains in both my hands. Anyway it’s a job and she didn’t just get rid of me; so now I’m a stockroom assistant.

Dennis is my new boss and he’s a real hoot. He‘s a real easy going guy, basically let’s me alone and doesn’t nag about how long it takes me to pull parts. Basically all I have to remember is how to fill out paper work, use the weighing machine, keep track of my counts, and what’s left over in the bins. He doesn’t even mind if I sneak a few minutes sitting down in a chair while I count out certain parts.

Maryann’s stitchery: I’ve been so tired and achy ever since I started work 2 months ago that I haven’t been able to stitch on her wedding present. I really need to try and work on it over the weekend so she at least gets it by Christmas if not on her wedding in June.
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