Funny it always happens…

Every weekend I tell myself I’m going to go to bed early and sleep in late the next day and it never happens. Case in point, here I sit typing my blog entry on a Saturday night and I should be in bed catching up on my sleep from last week. Anyway….

I’ve done little to no stitching since I’ve started working. I’m too tired when I get home and the weekends are filled with other things like grocery shopping and laundry. I tape all of my shows I use to watch through the week and watch them on the Saturday now. Most are on at 9:00pm or later and I have to be in bed by then if I’m going to get any rest.

I’ve started watching the 2005 version of Doctor Who on the Sci-Fi channel and I’m head-over-heels for Christopher Eccleston and he’s only 42 yrs old this last February. I love everything about him his quirky looks, sense of humor, his acting ability. I wonder if he’s married or single? I’ve bought myself a region-free DVD player so I can order the complete first season from in PAL format and will be able to see it with nothing cut out like we get for the US airings.

Well, I really must end this so I can get to bed. I still need to make mom a mother’s day card for tomorrow, which I will end up doing tomorrow. Goodnight all.
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