Mid Week Let Down….

I started work on Monday and it was as if I never left those 2 1/2 weeks. No electronic scales yet. I only got to work 3 days and now I’m off again for 3. Cheryl, the office secretary, has a stack of kits for me to process but their having problems with the new electronic parts distributor and orders haven’t been coming in, in a timely manner. So my work schedule is probably going to be very sketchy for the next few weeks. I told Cheryl I didn’t mind as long as they kept calling me back.

Maryann’s needlework got some good progress on it, at least 1 1/2 weeks worth.

Until next time……
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Happy News!!!!

I got a phone call from Cheryl at lunch. They want me back at work on the 21st of August. YEA!!! Down-side it’s only for 3 weeks, but there is a chance they could get more orders in and thus I get to work longer. So this coming weekend it’s off to buy new shoes and more socks. Funny I start work again and get my last paycheck both on the same day.
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Things all-around NOT getting better…

Well it’s only been two days and here I am pissing and moaning again, and with good reason - I was laid-off work today. Arlene dropped the bomb shell around 2:15 pm her words were not “we’re laying you off” but “we have to let you go”. A big difference in meaning. One is we’ll hire you back in the future the other means start looking for employment elsewhere because we’re done with you.

I did have a few works with Mike (the owner) as I was heading out the front door. He did say he wanted me back and I said thanks and that I hoped I’d see him in 2 – 3 weeks.

Well at least now I can get to work stitching on Maryann’s wedding announcement. Who knows maybe I’ll get a fair bit done. At least I’ll have a shot at getting it to her for Christmas. Now if I can just get over this bout of depression.
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