Still no work…..

Called today, and again Cheryl says no work. Only this time it’s - maybe until the middle of October. I’ll try calling again on October 13 and if they push the date forward on me again I’ll have no choice but to go to work and pick up my organizer and fan and start to look for work some where else.
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No Work Again…

Called Tuesday the 5th and there was no work for the week. Called again today, and Cheryl says no work at all until the first of October. Trouble is I can’t quit, I need to build up my resume with a current full time work status.

Looks like Maryann’s wedding stitchery will be getting that much closer to completion. That and a lot of other odds n’ ends that I need to work on, believe me I’ll have plenty to keep me busy for the next 3 weeks.
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Labor Day Late Update....

The electronic scales are finally back. Yea! But with the sporadic delivery of electronic parts my work days have been very slim. As I mentioned before I was off Aug. 24, 25, & 28. Well I didn’t fair much better the next week. I only worked 29, 30, 31, & Sept. 1st with labor day being today and no work I was also told Friday, by Cheryl, to stay home on the 5th ,tomorrow, and call in at 10 am to see if I’d be working this week at all.

I have a feeling my temp job is coming to an end.
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