No More Whining and A new WiP Page…..

I’ve noticed that the last dozen or so blog entries have been nothing but whining about my job and now lack there of. Well I’m putting a stop to that with this entry. This is suppose to be a blog about my needlework, not my problems. So I shall move my whining to a new blog and get back to writing about my needlework.

I’ve tried to stick to a rotational schedule in the past and I will return to it as soon as I get this time sensitive project done. I swear on my stack of numerous bobbin floss boxes – I will NOT start another needlework project until I get at least 5 of my 10 WiPs finished.

Now on to the new Work In Progress page, side bar link and percentage bar.

This is the 10th project in my bulging WiPs pile. A wedding present for my sister which unfortunately didn’t get started soon enough and has now become either a Christmas present for 2006, or a one year anniversary present for June 2007. The kit is called “To Love and Cherish” by Sandy Orton. I have all the copyright information on it’s WiP webpage.

Anyway here is a progress picture I took earlier today of “To Love and Cherish”. I’m guessing that it’s roughly 20% complete. I’ve always liked Sandy Orton’s designs, so much so that if I ever get married I’d probably stitch this same design for myself.

Click here

Well that’s it for this Blog Blurb. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have substantial progress to post.
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