Used Kleenex once again…

Called manufacturing services today, and again they blew me off saying no work this month. They’re obviously not going to call me back so I told Cheryl that I was coming in sometime after lunch to pick up my organizer and fan from the stock room.

Well this means the odds of getting Maryann’s wedding stitchery done for Christmas just went up 100%

Update 3:00pm: When I went over today at 1:30pm to pick up my stuff I finally got the truth out of Cheryl. The truth being that the earliest they might call me back to work, if they decide to that is, is the end of January or February. Can you believe that they were going to let me hang in limbo for 6 months!!! I wish they had enough guts to tell me at the beginning of September, then I could have at least started looking for work. Trouble is I’m going to have the same problem as last year. Businesses want you to work holiday hours and I don’t have a car. Meaning no one will hire me.

Just another typical UNLUCKY FRIDAY the 13th.
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