Go figure….

Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that my own sister would badmouth me behind by back. I overheard her today proclaiming that I was useless and lazy. That if I really wanted a job I’d have one by now. She also seems to think that my back injury is all in my head and that going to a chiropractor is a waste of time and money. With dear old dad chiming in with agreement. For someone who use to puck in the toilet with accompanying migraine headaches I have one hell of an imagination.

How could she be so cruel after all that I’ve done for her. She has no idea how hard it can be to get a job when you don’t own a car. Hell she’s never had to worry about where her next paycheck came from, not with the cozy government job she’s got.

I’m having some serious doubts about making this wedding announcement stitchery for her with that back stabbing attitude. I’m beginning to think she doesn’t deserve all the hard work and time I’m putting in on this stitchery project.
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Kucki said...

I would not do a wedding stitchery for her. Buy her a toaster. Especially if you know she already will get several.

But I am evil that way.

Mistress Golden Needle said...

Thanks for the idea.
Unfortunately she all ready got a $100 microwave oven from me. Last January she announced the wedding was going to be in Oct. ’06 and I said I’d stitch her an announcement. Then she suddenly changed the date to June ’06 with only a 2 month warning. So no stitchery present. The problem is everyone in the family knows I’m working on it now.