Ooh I’m a Bad Girl……

Get out the wet noodle and slap me silly. I’ve gone and started another project. Even after I swore on my considerable stack of bobbin floss boxes that I wouldn’t start another one. I couldn’t help myself, the temptation was too great. First, it’s a free on-line multi part mystery chart. Second, it’s totally in French and I can’t read a single word. Hence the challenge – well some what of a challenge, Google does make a lame attempt at translating.

Anyway, it’s called Le Marquoir - Il était une fois ( Le Marquoir - Once Upon A Time... ) and is designed by Annick Abrial. It’s a 16 part mystery, the link to the chart page is in my side-bar Wips section if you want to join in.

And here is part 1 finished with the beginning of part 2 started.

Click here

Good news on the Job front !!!

Manufacturing Services called me today at 10AM. They want me to work Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Work will be on a week-to-week basis until they get up and moving again with work orders. They wanted me to come in for half-a-day today but I had to decline. Being up to 3AM stitching and waking up at 9:30AM with aching eyes and less then 6 hours sleep doesn’t work for being coordinated on the job.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s blog blurb.


Lucy said...

I can never resist the temptation either when I'm into cross stitch. I must have at least 10 projects going right now! And at Christmas I find so many adorable ornaments!!!

Sew-in-Love said...

Hi there!

Good to hear you have work. Not having money coming in can be STRESSFUL in the extreme and not knowing where your next stash spend is coming from is even worse!!!LOL!!

A lot of French is similar to English as English took on a lot of French words about 1000 years ago, so you might even be able to work some of it out yourself. Hope to see more of your work soon, and I feel the same as you - wanting to start new stuff when I really ought to finish this long overdue WIP first!!!

Elisabeth, UK=)