Stitching All Week - Not!!!!

Exactly one week ago I was told no stockroom work for a week. I had the grand idea that I was going to do nothing but stitch on my projects all week - wrong!

I started out with a single 3x3 post-it note with a household To-Do list and ended up with a To-Do list 3 post-it notes long. Needless to say not much stitching was accomplished.

The only thing I've got to show is the back-stitching on Pegasus and butterflies. I had stitched on the legs and tail in December and finally got around this week to finishing up the back-stitching. This is one of those projects that you pull out every few years to work on, so now it gets put away and I get back to my main focus piece “To Love and Cherish”.

Here's a close up view. (Click on pic.)
Click here

And the whole thing so far.

FRIDAY S.E.X.: My end of the week was cheered when the mail brought me more J & P Coats Floss and a Chart Pak – The Wisdom Sampler by Vermillion Stitchery.

I don’t know when I’ll be posting a new progress up-date, but I will post answers to the SBQ Meme and when ever I get stash in the mail. So my blog won’t be totally ignored.

That’s all for now……
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