To Love and Cherish Update and Forced Move....

Well another week has gone by and I’m grinning from ear to ear, knowing that I’ve gotten up to 70% of my WiP completed. I’ve only got a little over a month and a half to go before it needs to be finished. Luckily the last 30% is mostly open area for wedding names so if I make an effort to work on it at least 3 nights a week, I should get it done with time to spare for mounting and framing. (click pic for larger image.)

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I hope that I get a phone call on Monday to go back to work, if not I guess I’ll keep plugging away at this project and get it done a little sooner. I’ve already been off for a week and a half so I’m really hoping for that phone call. If my hours don’t start improving I may have to start looking again for a different job.

Well Blogger’s finally gone and made me switch over to their Google account. Believe me I held out kicking and screaming to the last moment. It got to where they wouldn’t let me log into my old blogger account. The only thing I intend to use that’s new is the label tag; And I'm only going back through January '07 to add tags. I’m not touching the Page Element Layout stuff. Yahoo’s 360 blog uses that and it’s way to confusing for me at the moment. I may try the new “widget” stuff on a new blog account just to see how it works without mucking up my stitchery blog.

Ah well, that’s it for this blog blurb.
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Lucy said...

You'll like the new Google once you get the hang of it. Love the stitching!!! Nice Job! Hey, by the way, see you are reading Monica Ferris. Love those books!

Mistress Golden Needle said...

Thanks Lucy! :-)

Yea, I just finished with the last of the Dresden Books and now I get to play catch-up with Monica's books. I've got 8 books to read, up through "Sins and Needles". Then I'm moving on to Katie's paranormal romance series. I've got 6 books there to read. That should keep me busy until June 2008 when the next Dresden Files novel comes out.

- Jan