WiP: To Love and Cherish 90% Done!!!

Well I just had to stop and take a progress pic. I can’t believe it’s almost finished and I’ve been stitching on it for almost two solid weeks. (Click image for bigger picture)

Click here

I’m a whole month ahead of schedule so…. I don’t know whether to plow ahead and simply get it done, give myself a few days break and work on something else, or not do any stitching at all and finish reading my book “Framed In Lace”. I’m right in the middle of the book and it’s getting to the point where I don’t want to put it down at night to go to bed. [Grin]

On a sour note, my temp job seems to have fizzled out. It’s coming up on 3 ½ weeks laid-off with no work and there’s no indication from them that I’ll be called back anytime soon. That’s really frustrating too since I’ve worked for them off and on for a year now. And I know for a fact that April through August is their busiest months. So it looks like I’ll be job searching on-line for work somewhere else while I wait on a phone call from them.

Well that’s it for this weeks blog blurb.
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Lucy said...

I say finish it....do you think the center will be difficult? That is sooo pretty!!

Mistress Golden Needle said...

Thanks Lucy!!!

I don't intend to fill in the center oval. My sister wants their wedding picture there. All I have left to do is the scroll with the dates on the bottom.

As far as finishing, that's been decided for me. I was called back to work next Thursday (YEA!!). So that means I'll be stitching as much as I can to get it done before next Thursday.

Jan J.