WiP Update & S.E.X. !!!!

Technically I should have posted this update last Sunday, but real life ® got in the way. You know how that goes, so it gets posted today. Since I haven’t done the back-stitching on the roses I don’t know if I can technically call the project 50% done, but I’m going to anyway, stitcher’s prerogative. [Ha Ha]

So here it is….

Since I only get to work on this on the weekends, and only for a few hours, progress will be slow and you probably won’t get to see any significant process until the end of the month.

Now for a little S.E.X. talk…..

On Friday I discovered that my local Hancock Fabrics store was closing. I managed to get in right after work to see if there were any stitchery goodies left on the shelves. The section was pretty much rifled through, but I managed to grab 2 rolls of 28ct. white Monaco, a set each of DMC’s color variations & a 25 ( ½ skein ) gift floss set with free chart booklet, and some much needed LoRan project cards. The stitchery section was only 30% off. I figured if I waited until Saturday morning that there’d be nothing left. So 30% was the best deal I was going to get.

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Well, that’s all for this Blog Blurb.
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