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What has been your most challenging project and why?

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I think my most challenging needlework project is still ahead of me. I would like to try hardanger and pulled thread work, but I have this innate fear of cutting wholes in evenweave fabric.

As far as projects, I have already done or still working on, each in their own way were a challenge. Though not so much in the difficulty of the chart, as was the fibers or techniques used. Two examples:

My first Teresa Wentzler ( Camelot Sampler ) was a challenge because it was the first time I switched over from working only with aida to 25 count evenweave fabric, using blended threads, and working in stitches over 1.

Pam Kellogg’s ( Autumn Mystery Sampler ) was the first time I used rayon floss and Kreinik gold braid. It was also my first mystery stitch-along project.

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Right now my biggest challenge is to clear off all the WiPs I still have showing in my side bar and at least try to keep up with this blog. Even if it’s just answering the SBQ Memes.

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Lucy said...

I know what you mean by the hardanger cutting thing. Just saw a beautiful piece a lady did at my monthly stitch-in. There were cuts in that that I didn't even know could be done!