SBQ Meme: Choices-Choices-Choices

Today's SBQ was suggested by Kathryn and is:

When you start a new work do you look for something small,
do you look for another huge project, or do you consider your UFOs?

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When I start a new project size doesn’t matter, it’s the subject of the design that calls to me or not. That, in a nut shell, can be one big dilemma for me and why I have so many WiPs. I can’t seem to stitch fast enough before I get bored with a project and have the itch to start a new one. Which is why I try to keep to a rotational schedule.

That’s another reason I’m “On The Wagon”. Having 4 file folder drawers chocked full of kits that I’ve collected over the years I will not pull them out and fondle them until the list on my side bar is down to zero.

As I was mulling over the answer to this question it occurred to me that over the last ten years there was always some family member I was doing stitching for. Be it weddings, anniversaries, births, or birthdays, etc. Well no more! Someone else can do it! I’m finally going to stitch just for me!!! Which is why, now that I have all of my obligation stitching done I can finally concentrate on getting my WiPs finished. YEA!!!

Oh, and as for UFO’s - I have no urge to look at them. Thank goodness I only have one.

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