SBQ Meme: Just One More Stitch....

Today's SBQ is from Renée and is:

Do you consider yourself a "floss miser?"

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The answer to this question is – Yes, No, and Maybe.

If I’m stitching from a prepackaged kit - yes, I try my best to conserve the floss and not have much in the way of left over orts. I’m always panicked that I’ll run out of a certain high use color and I won’t be able to match it with the stock I have on-hand; considering that certain kit companies special dye their floss lots.

If I’m doing a chart with a lot of confetti stitching then yes, I’ll save the orts to finish up sections of the design.

If I’m using limited edition sampler threads like from “The Gentle Arts”, then that’s a definite yes.

If it’s plain old DMC or Anchor then no, unless you consider one - two inches left on the needle miserly.

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Other news: I seem to have let my stitching slide this last week and a half. I got so caught up in reading about my favorite vamps in the Dark Ones series that I managed to polish off two books!!

"Bring Out Your Dead" in the Just One Sip anthology and
Even Vampires Get the Blues

I’m now at the lastest book in the series and I’m chomping at the preverbal bit wondering if Katie will have another Dark Ones book out this year. Who knew I’d fall so hard for vampire paranormal romances?!?! ;-)
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