Just a small dragon project...

Back in July I bought Needle Guardian by Teresa Wentzler from Patternsonline.com. And after waiting almost 6 weeks I finally got the supplies from Paw Prints Cross Stitch.

I decided I needed a small project to get me back in the mood to work on my larger WiPs. Being that I only have 2 hours a night after dinner to do anything; I thought a small project that I could get done in a reasonable amount of time would make me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

So last Wednesday I scrounged around and found a piece of Monaco 28 count Ivory evenweave by Charles Craft. I did have white but thought using the ivory would make the specialty stitches more noticeable. Anyway I've only been working on it for 4 days which is roughly 8 hours of work. Mind you I'm stitching while I watch TV so I'm more apt to be stitching during the commercials, which means not much gets done. Anyway here's the progress so far.....

Click here

Hopefully I'll show enough progress to post an update on future weekends.
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