Wow I’m a Silver Dragon and my 100th post!!!

To celebrate my 42 hour reading marathon of all 3 Aisling Grey books and thus finish my goal of reading *ALL* of Katie MacAlister’s adult romances ever published. I went to her Dragon Septs website and discovered which dragon sept was for me.

Which Dragon Sept is Right For You?

You are calm, understand the meaning of zen, are a poet, and value the time you spend with other people. You would do well with the Silver Dragon Sept
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Here's a little added info on traits from handbook:
The silver dragons are renowned healers, and as such, are very much in demand in both the mortal and Otherworld. Some silver dragons also have empathic abilities, a trait that has been exploited by other septs. They have a particular affinity with nature, and many spend time with earthier beings such as wood sprites, elves, and sylphs. They are cautious and careful in battle and politics, and while they hold honor and loyalty to be among their most valued traits, they are formidable in their revenge if you cross them.

It was mon., tues., & wed. of last week that this marathon happened but I kind of let posting to my blog go until this Sunday. You’re probably scratching your head wondering how I could spend 3 days straight reading and not work. Well the simple answer is I’ve been laid-off for the next 6 weeks until the company work orders for circuit boards start coming in again. So in the mean time I’ll be at home doing a lot of reading and stitching.

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! My 100th post. I can’t believe y’all have put up with my sometimes mindless drivel. To bad I don’t have any updates on my dragon to post, oh well, I’m sure to have something next weekend. Anyway, I’m off to watch my recorded episode of this weeks Doctor Who!!!

Later y’all
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Barbeeque4 said...

Congrats on the 100th post!!!!! I dropped the DVD in the mail yesterday and don't think the email got to you, but it should arrive in a day or so!! enjoy :)