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What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

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NeedleworkShoppe which is a division of Herrschners, I shop at whenever DMC has a new line of floss fibers coming out. I’m impatient and can’t wait the 6 months it takes to see them in at my local Michaels store.

Patterns Online I use to get the latest Teresa Wentzler patterns. I was so glade she found this place for her designs until she’s found herself an on-demand printer so she can start publishing on her own again.

Being that money's a bit tight nowadays I like to keep my shopping down to four on-line shops. The first three are in the US and the fourth is in the UK.

Paw Prints Cross Stitch is good when you want to get your hands on new stuff from designer shows from the east coast. The same can be said for One - Two - Three Stitch! for shows on the west coast.

For fabric I go to Nordic Needle it’s nice in that they carry all the major fabric manufactures and quite a few specialty fabrics as well.

When I was collecting designs by Maria Van Scharrenburg I shopped at Sew and So I’ve never had any hassles with over seas card payments and the turnaround time for shipping is one week. For speed you can’t beat that! If it wasn’t for the ungodly high exchange rate I’d buy from them more often.

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