Belated Valentine's Day and Fantasy Author Autographs

Greetings everyone two posts in as many days the mind boggles. ;-)

Well I managed to get to Wal-Mart today and there were no mini rose bushes to be had. So I hoofed it across the parking lot to the Home Depot Mega Store and lo and behold they still had a dozen left by the front entrance for $5 each. White, deep red, pale pink, and something that looked like bright pink tipped in orange. I got one 4 inch pot of the bright pink tipped in orange.

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I had a friend of mine take pictures outside of his house to day. He cut off the bottom of the picture so you can't see my hand holding the bottom of the pot. I don't know what's up with that yellow bud in the bunch. Next.....

RADCON a Sci-Fi and Gaming convention was held this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Red Lion Hotel in Tri-Cities, Washington. One of the fantasy authors I read, Patricia Briggs, was going to be there this weekend but not in an official capacity.

As I live in the Tri-Cities I wanted Patty to sign the six books I have of hers. Problem - what if I'm not able to find her during the 3-day convention after shelling out over $30 admission fee.
Solution – Patty is good friends with the owners of the local new/used book store "Book Worm" and took the time to visit both branch stores and signed every new book they had on hand. Huzzah!!!

I missed her for a personal signing at the "Book Worm" because of a doctors appointment on Friday. But I made it over to the larger of the two stores before they closed that same day and picked up an autographed copy of each of the 6 books I wanted. Some of her earlier novels were there but I only had $50 with me at the time so I could only get the 6 I really needed. Yeah, I know $30 verses $50. But I figured I'd spend more on a sure thing, and get a second set, than to risk $30 and come away with nothing. Anyway here I am grinning like an idiot at my book acquisitions. The one in my hands is the anthology "On the Prowl".

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Yes, definitely a late but still happy V-Day even if I had to buy it myself.

One Last Thing: sent me spam a couple of days ago saying – come take our personality profile test and check your matches for free this valentine’s weekend. So on a whim I did it today. I answered all the questions truthfully and the final outcome of all this was….. Soooo sorry but we can’t match you. They basically implied that I’m too old, too fat, unattractive and set in my ways. THANK YOU so much eHarmony for letting me know I’ll never find a husband, die an old maid, and never have sex with anyone for the rest of my life. That’s what you get for telling the truth….I should have lied through my teeth and been happy. ;-p [snicker]
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