Christmas Sampler 2003 Update and Page Loading Problems

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As promised here’s my progress picture for parts 3 and 4. This will temporarily be set aside as I work on a birthday present for a girl friend. Her birthday is coming up in June and I’m going to stitch her a kitchen towel and potholder combo with a picture of blueberries. No worries about her finding out, as far as I know she doesn’t have internet access so my secret will be safe.

After that I’ll be working on Le Marquoir - Il était une fois replacing french knots with seed beads for part 4. Then it’s back to christmas sampler forcing myself to finish it.
Do you ever get to a point working on a project that you’ve had for so long that you start to wonder what possessed you to start it in the first place? That’s what I’m feeling about christmas sampler. There must have been something about it I liked back in 2003 when I started it that drew my interest, but for the life of me I can’t remember what. Now I feel like it’s a chore to finish the beast. But finish it I will, then it will either get rolled up and put away never to see the light of day, or it will get turned into a bell pull and only hauled out during December to be hung up on the wall.

As for the wonky page loading problems. I’ve gone out and bought myself a 3 inch thick Cascading Style Sheets book. Basically it’s a developer’s guide for CSS1 and CSS2. It may take me a while but I plan on teaching myself the basics and fix my blog myself. I guess it doesn’t pay to go copying and pasting other peoples code together when you have no idea what the hell you’re doing.

Well that’s it for this blog blurb.
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NHStitcher said...

It is good to know I am not the only one who still hasn't finished the 2003 Christmas SAL. I am doing it on black as well. Your project is VERY pretty!