A New Face Lift, Sampler Progress, and the SBQ Meme: April 10, 2008

Well after four years I finally decided it was high time for a face lift. I got tired of seeing blue skies and fluffy clouds deciding to go for a green motif and earthy flowers, orchids to be specific. It took me roughly six hours to tweak the template just the way I wanted it, and for someone who know zip about style sheets I think it looks damn nice. There's just one catch - it only works in Internet Explorer. For some reason, I can't figure out why or how, the style sheets screw-up in Mozilla's FireFox.

On the stitching front I'm hard at work on Christmas Sampler 2003. I'm up though part three, the center flowers, and halfway through part four the band just below it. I should have a progress picture by Monday or Tuesday showing both parts completed. Then thank goddess I'll be in the home stretch with part five. I've decided to leave off the bottom row of diamonds, part six, as I feel it unbalances the length of the bell pull.

This week's SBQ was suggested by Jennifer and is:

What is the most complicated piece you've ever completed?

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At this moment in time none. I consider Teresa Wentzler's Camelot Sampler the most time consuming if not actually complicated, as I'm still plugging away at it after 7 years. Most things I've done aren't actually complicated. Then I guess it all depends on your idea of what complicated is.

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Kathryn said...

And it doesn't look any better in Safari either, sorry. It's probably because IE uses so many nonstandard HTML codes that pages built for IE rarely look good anywhere else. I might not have even noticed it unless you had mentioned the facelift. I rarely see blogs these day, but read all of them through Google Reader RSS feed. Your blog looks just fine in plain RSS text.

Ja'niece said...

Well I guess that's not suprising considering I'm tweaking someone else's style sheet code. And as I said, I know zip about CSS.

Retta said...

not sure what's up with your stylesheet there, I'm looking at it in firefox and it's all over the place :(

I picked a TW for my most complicated piece ... but I picked Tempest in a Teacup! LOL that little bugger is the only TW dragon I've actually finished so far.

Ja'niece said...

Yup, since I just cut and pasted code from two different sources, and I know zip, nada, nothing about the proper structure about CSS. I'm sure it looks like crap anywhere else except in IE. Looks like I'll have to find myself a how-to book and learn the code structure.

Yep, I LUV Teresa's designs too. I wonder if Tempest in a teacup will fit on a charles craft tea towel? {giggle}