SBQ Meme: April 3, 2008

This week's SBQ was suggested by Terri and is:

What items do you consider essential to your needlework that you keep in your stitching bag?

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I have 2 navy blue DMC heavy-duty travel bags.

They have a 3 ring binder that holds stitchbow transparent inserts, my charts, & working copies. Then of course there's the fabric, plastic embroidery hoop, a package of size 28 tapestry needles, needle threader, scissors, laying tool (if needed), clear tape for getting rid of the fuzzies the frogs leave behind, 11 inch bookmark for cutting 18 inch lengths of floss, colored pencils and florescent pens for marking the working copies, magnets for holding the needles to the fabric, LoRan cards to hold the cut floss, stitchbows to hold the uncut skeins. Last but not least single wrapped life saver candies!!!

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