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Since not everyone maybe interested in signing on with GoodReads I thought I’d start posting my comments/reviews here on my blog as well.

Heroes (Laws of the Blood, Book 5) Heroes (Laws of the Blood, Book 5) by Susan Sizemore

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I can’t believe this but I actually liked this novel, even with the 4 previous strike outs. In this 5th book the writing was tight, the scenes and dialog flowed smoothly, and even the plot made sense. It’s just a shame that Sizemore’s last book in the series finally got me interested and caring about the characters. Even when she left me with a small cliff hanger/dangling plot thread at the end with the characters of Char McCairn and Jebel Haven.

I’ll have to email her and ask if she ever resolved the cliff hanger in a later novella. Cuz I sure would like to find out how the situation between Valentine, Geoff, Char and Jebel gets resolved.

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SBQ Meme: Stitching Magazines

This week's SBQ is:

Do you currently subscribe to any stitching publications or have you in the past? (Either in print or online) If so, which ones?

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No not now, but yes in the past.

I‘ve two magazines that I subscribed to in the past – Just Cross Stitch (1997) and Piecework/Needleworkers (2000 ?) magazine.

When JCS parted company with Teresa Wentzler I dropped my subscription. By that time the charts they offered were too cutesy. (FYI: To date I have yet to stitch any of those designs!) I mainly read JCS for the articles and looked for TW’s designs.

I really loved Needleworkers magazine unfortunately I only discovered it after it had been absorbed by Piecework. And when they dropped the Needleworkers half of the magazine I dropped my subscription.

Now days the only time I buy a magazine is if it has an interesting series of articles. The last one was in 2007, it was a 6 part series from JCS on how to make different types of knots and novel uses for them.

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This Week's Finish and Update...

All rightie, I’ve got a finish and an update to share for this week. Sunday the 1st I finished the birthday present for my friend (towel and potholder) and managed to get it into the mail on Monday. They said it would take from 5-10 days to get to England, and since her birthday is this Saturday I’m hoping that the package is only a couple of days late. I was really pleased with the kitchen towel, not so with the potholder and that’s my fault I’m afraid. I took the thing apart so it would be easier to stitch, unfortunately I couldn’t seem to get it back together so it looked right. I ended up taking it completely apart and re-sewing the trim back on and somehow I didn’t have enough trim to make the loop at the top. I’m not very happy but there’s not much I can do about it.

The update is just a little mention. A couple of posts back I said I was going to catch up with replacing the french knots with glass seed beads for Il était une fois (once upon a time). Well I did that last night with part 4. So now all the sections that needed beads are up to date. I’ve posted a update picture of the 5 sections I’ve done so far.

Now I’m turning my attention back to the dreaded Christmas Sampler 2003 with the determined goal to get it finished this month. There’s only parts 5 & 6 to sew along with finishing it as a bell pull. Then I’ll have to figure out what to use for the hardware to hang it with.

Be sure to click on the pictures to get a better look.

Name: BlueBerries Kitchen Towel & Potholder
Type: Counted Cross Stitch
Finished Chart Size: Towel: 3.75" x 5.25" (9.6cm x 13.4cm) Potholder: 3.64" x 3.64" (9.25cm x 9.25cm)
Leaflet/Kit #: Fruit Tarts & Towels Book 244
Designer/Publisher: Stoney Creek Collection, Inc. © 1999
Finished: Towel: May 04, '08 Potholder: May 31, '08
Misc. Info. : The gold diamond backstitching is Glissen Gloss Spectrim

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And here's Il était une fois (Once Upon a Time):

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