SBQ Meme: Stitching Time Management

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How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household chores, etc.?

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When I was working full time my evenings were filled with getting on-line and checking my e-mail, a couple of message forums and a very long list of RSS feeds. Those feeds included book authors & publishers, my SBQ & needlecraft friends, and Brick n’ Mortar needlecraft shops. I only had roughly 3 hours in the evenings for this and then it was time for bed. Household chores, book reading, and stitching was given over to the weekends.

Now that I am temporarily unemployed I can read, stitch, or cruise the internet as much as I like during the day. Finding work is a bit more of a problem. No one wants to hire you if you don’t have a reliable source of transportation – i.e. a car.

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