WiP Update: Once Upon A Time - Part 6

Well this was a very slow week and a half getting this small section done. Guess I’m starting to reach a mini burn-out again when it comes to stitching. Well at least I accomplished my goal for this project. I’ve decided to rotate it in between the other projects on my list; at least that way it won’t get turned into a UFO.

I thought I’d try something a little different this time in displaying the picture. I drew a box around the actual section that’s new and grayed out the rest of the picture to show just how much and where the progress was on the fabric. If you click on the picture link you’ll get to see a bigger snap.

Click here

As for what I’m going to work on next, I’ve got “Camelot Sampler” set up on the scroll frame cradle. But I’m also thinking about “Musical Bell Pull” I haven’t worked on that since February 2001. Whichever one I work on next will be awhile, as I’ve been neglecting my growing collection of romance novels. They’ve been collecting dust on my headboard so I plan to get some reading done until the beginning of August and then get back to stitching.

And speaking of books, I was thinking of moving all my book related things – goodreads reviews, widgets, etc. – over to my Live Journal Blog. That’s if I can ever figure out how to put my author banners and goodreads widgets in the side panels that is. I need to start posting to it or one of these days LJ may decided to up and nuke it. I’ll be sure to post a notice and have a link in my side panel so you can look at it if you want, when I get around to it that is.

Well that’s it for this blog blurb……