BOInk Mystery SAL Update

Greetings and a Happy Labor Day Weekend to those here in the States.

I just now finished up with squares 2 and 7A and have uploaded progress pictures See....

Click here

A full size picture of my progress so far taken outside on the neighbor's deck. The project is attached to my European Style Slate Frame.

Click here

I'll be moving BOInk to the bottom of the rotational pile since I've official worked on it a month now. Next I'll be working on Summer's End I really need to get some progress done on that. Maybe working on it this next month I may even finish it.

Other News: I've made my 5 pound weight loss goal again for the month - YEA!!!! Only 60 more pounds to go...
Starting next month I need to start looking for work again, for what little good it will do. Although, now that school has started maybe I'll have better luck with kids quitting to go back to school.

Well that's it for this Blog Blurb.