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I Want You To Want Me

I Want You To Want Me by Kathy Love

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I WANT YOU TO WANT ME is a continuation of the story arc of two vampire (Lampir) half-brothers Renauldo (Ren) D’Antoni and Vittorio Ridgewood. In this story of Vittorio, he finds his soul mate in Erika Todd a sculptor.

Vittorio and Erika’s involvement starts out shaky and frustrating. But quickly turns into hot bunny sex 1/3 of the way through the book (ch. 12) and you get to read plenty of it evenly paced throughout the remainder of the book.

Trouble in the form of the brothers’ mother and Lampir creator, Orabella, rears her demented and possessive head. As she jealousy kills off all Vittorio’s lovers determined to have him all to herself and in a much more than parental way. And naturally she goes after Erika with the help of her demon lover, Maksim.

I consider the book a palatable piece of fluff. Not much in the way of plot but not boring either, and in the end you get your HEA.

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