Somebody Whip Me….

with a Wet Noodle Again!!! Taking a line from Brittany Spears “Oops I did it again…”

No sooner do I finally finish one of my long term WiPs, I manage to find and join another on-line SAL. {Shakes head in utter bemusement.} You’d think I’d be happy with the 8 current projects I have now. Nope.

I can totally blame this on Needle In A Haystack’s e-newsletter. They mentioned a free design SAL from Tracy of Ink Circles. So I took a look and found out it was a Celtic design called “The Book of Ink Circles”. I ended up joining the Yahoo group on Tuesday and downloading the available parts. I found that it was started back in March, so I’m only 5 months behind. If you’re interested in the SAL you can find it on her website HERE.

I was rather astonished to discover that I live less than 10 miles away (just a stones throw) from Tracy who lives in West Richland, Wa. So a big wave in the general direction of West Richland/Benton City area.

Anyway, I dug around in my stash Thursday and found a 20” x 20” piece of 28ct. Ivory evenweave and did a floss toss with DMC Rayon. I can’t afford to buy silk thread so I opted for something that had the same sheen quality as silk. I think I did pretty well in the color matching. As I only had a JPEG of the floss to go by. I’ll try and get the fabric’s edges sewn up on the machine and put on a scroll frame some time this weekend.

Here’s the floss toss pic from Thursday:
BOInk Mystery : Getting Started

Today after I looked at the floss again, I decided to change the dk. Blue to a slightly lighter hue. As it looks like the black will overwhelm the 30336.

Other news: First the good news. I’ve reached my 5 lb. goal for the last month. That gives me a grand total of 50 lbs. lost to date, with 65 lbs. more to go. Wahoo!!! Now the not so good news. I’ve had no luck with finding a new job and basically gave up looking this last month.

That’s it for this blog blurb…..


Lucy said...

Congrats on the weight is not easy!!!!! keep up the great work!

Ja'niece said...

Thanks Lucy

I'm really happy because I made my 5lb goal for this month today!!!! YEA!!!

Maybe if I'm really lucky I can make another 5lbs before the end of the month

for a total of 10.