WiP Update: Summer's End

Not much to talk about except to say that I made major progress on Summer's End this month. I made one small change, in that instead of making french knots (which cause me aggravation) I used Mill Hill glass seed beads on the butterfly and red berries. Next month I rotate on to musical bell pull.

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In other news: No luck finding work. All I seem to get in my inbox is rejection e-mails. No one wants to hire you if you don't have a car and can't be available for work 24/7. That just sucks big time. I'd hate to be forced to lie about my unavailability just to get in for an interview. {sigh}
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Book Review - Paranormal Romance: Vampires

Dark Hunger (The Brethren: Book 2) Dark Hunger (The Brethren: Book 2) by Sara Reinke

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[Update: Oct. 4, 2008 Important Notice at bottom of post]

Dark Hunger the second book in a three book trilogy, gave me a rollercoaster ride for my emotions. I wanted to laugh, cry, giggle with anticipation, and stomp my foot in frustration, in this page turner of a book. As with the first book, Dark Thirst, it sucked me into the world of Brandon, Lina, Rene & Tessa and wouldn’t turn me loose until I finished the book 14 hours later.

This second book concentrates on the burgeoning love interest between Rene and Tessa. As they, along with Brandon and Lina, travel across country to Nevada in the quest to escape the Brethren, a prominent family of vampires.

For more character info read the review by Terra57 She’s done an excellent review.

If you missed the first book, not to worry, the author pulls information from it to let you know what’s going on in the developing plot. There’s also a lot of flashback/background information that’s new to the characters of Rene and Tessa. That’s what this book mainly focuses on - character development.

The one thing that the author, Sara Reinke, did which wins her high praise from me. Is that whenever Rene, the Cajun part human part vampire, spoke french she immediately repeated the words or phrase in english. I always found it frustrating when romance authors liberally laced their dialog with foreign languages and I not knowing what was being said. Unless, of course, you had an french-english or some other dictionary at hand.

The end of the book left you with one hell of a cliff hanger. In that Rene did something completely out-of-character. It left you with a twist to the plot that I never saw coming and it’s got me wondering – how in the hell is Sara going to write herself out of this!

2009 can’t get here fast enough when the third and final book in the series, Dark Passion, hits the stores.

Important Update:

I have just read via Sara Reinke’s e-mail announcement list that of Oct. 1, 2008 Kensington publishers have dropped the Brethren series due to sales on the first two titles.

I as a loyal reader of Ms. Reinke’s I am severely disappointed in Kensington for not, at least, letting the author finish with the 3 story line arc. To leave a reading audience hanging that way shows that Kensington is more interested in the bottom-line dollar wise then to satisfy it loyal customers.

I fervently hope that Ms. Reinke finds an e-book publisher so that the question of what happens to Brandon, Lina, Tessa, & Rene is resolved.

The outline for the proposed third book in the Brethren Series, Dark Passion is now available at her forum. IT CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE PUBLISHED BOOKS. Hopefully it will answer any lingering questions readers may have about the events set up in Dark Hunger; You'll find it here….. http://sarareinke.activeboard....

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