Update: Weird, Strange, Yet Wonderful Holiday Season.

The uber alpha, just dumped me. I guess when I didn’t jump and go “Ohhhhh” at all his over zealous praising and then dropped a list of questions for him to answer. He got impatient and left. Well, not totally left, he’s still sticking around on my PaganSpace friends list for now. Ha! 3 days - that’s got’ta be a record for me. *snicker*
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Weird, Strange, Yet Wonderful Holiday Season.

It’s kind of hard trying to start this post, I don’t know exactly where to begin. In the last month I have met more guys on-line, made friends and been dumped, than I have in the last 20 years of my life. Here’s a sample of what I mean.

On the 24th I get dumped by a guy I know from his LiveJournal blog. That same evening a guy on PaganSpace, sees my profile photo and proceeds to plaster messages of praise not only on my comments board but on almost every photo I have. Telling me how beautiful I am and begging me to be his friend and “much more” – to quote him. It’s like being pursued by an uber alpha and having the wee-willies scared out of me.

The very next day , 25th, roughly around 9:30pm. Some guy named Muhammad Ali, who claims to be from Pakistan, 32 and a software engineer. Pops up on my yahoo messenger saying he saw my One Stitch At A Thyme blog and wants to be my friend. I kind of worry that I might be getting scammed by this “Ali” guy. But stupid me gives him the benefit of the doubt and befriends him; and before 2 hours are up he’s got me sending him my pagan cape pictures – I am so stupid, stupid, fucking stupid. That would be the end of my future if those pictures ended up floating around the internet. Why didn’t I just say no. {shakes head in utter weariness} I think the Goddess is being way too generous in dropping guys in my lap and it’s starting to overwhelm me.

On a lighter note, mom and dad gave me $100 for christmas and now I have the choice of buying the 2009 version of Norton internet security or I can pay for 2 months of storage unit space. My sister, although not suppose to, bought me a present as well. An exercise ball and resistance band Pilates workout kit with DVD. Don’t know how much I can use the ball with my back problems – disks that slip – but the resistance band will help tone my upper arms. Speaking of which, the dieting is going slow but steady over the holidays. I’ve only been keeping up with 2 miles a day on the treadmill, so I’ll only be losing 5 pounds this month. Next month I need to start job hunting again as I haven’t been doing any for the last 3 months and I need to get back to my 4 miles a day treadmill workout as well.

One last thing before I finish this entry. I’ve made friends with a very nice older guy from PaganSpace; we’ve been text chatting for 2 and a half weeks now. He’s a barefoot hedonist and has got me interested in toe rings and walking around the house in my bare feet. For Yule I bought myself 2 sterling silver toe rings, an Ankh and Pentagram. I took a pic of them and sent him a copy, he says my feet are sexy. I say, if you're going to have a fetish I guess a foot fetish isn’t as bad as most. Anyway here’s the pic I sent, what do you think are my feet sexy? *giggles*

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Well that’s it for this blog blurb.
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Which creature of the night are you? Quiz

Found this on another message board I visit. Glad to know my suspicions have been confirmed. HA!!

Which creature of the night are you?
Your Result: Vampire

You are a social pragmatist, as likely to kiss as to bite. Your sensuality and social pragmatism is the counter-balance to your existential angst and your tendency toward depression.

Cthulu Spawn
Which creature of the night are you?
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Short Lived Friendships

Well it’s seems I spoke too soon about finding someone special on-line. And being too pushy I fucked up big time and chased him away. Yep, did a jim-dandy job of it too, he even pulled his profile down from PaganSpace.

David, If you ever see this please forgive me…for everything. {sigh}

I have come to the inevitable conclusion that no one is out there for me. Oh sure there’ll be on-line male friends to chat with and drive each other crazy with frustration. But in the end I’ll be going to bed alone. I’m simply too old and fat, and no one younger then me is interested. I hear by give up on ever feeling the arms of a man around me or the touch of his lips on mine.

Just too depressed to care anymore.....
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What do I find attractive in a partner:

His eyes. Which are the windows to his soul.
His mouth. With which a simple smile can speak volumes.
His voice. Which whispers words of love to fill my soul with joy.
His hair. Long soft tresses that need to be caressed.
His arms. Strong and confidant to hold me warm in their embrace.

Feeling suddenly poetic tonight…
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End of the month weight-in, friendships, & other stuff

Happy holidays everyone!

Once again it’s time for the end of the month weight-in – well a few days late that is. Anyway I kind of dropped the ball this last month. What with being depressed and then the temptation of Halloween candy and fast on it’s heels Thanksgiving {Hummm… pumpkin pie with real whip cream!} I just decided to let the month of November slide and only did 2 miles on the treadmill once a day or sometimes not at all. I figure I’ve been a good girl for 7 months I deserved a break. So the bottom line is I only lost 7 pounds this month. But because I always fluctuate by 2 pounds I’m officially stating a 5 pound loss for this month. Not bad, but not good either as I want to be down to 150 pounds by the 1st of March.

Why in such a hurry you ask? It’s simple. I’ve hook-up with someone special on-line from PaganSpace. We’re in the tentative get-to-know each other friendship stage but we’ve clicked on everything we’ve talked about so far. And if I don’t fuck this up by being too pushy in the mean time, we’ve made a tentative date to meet in March. Now it really is imperative I find a new job, as I’m going to need plane fare because he lives in North Carolina and I live in Washington.

On the other stuff front: Money being as tight as it is I’ve had to start going through my storage unit, to basically pick which bare bones things I can keep and store them in my parents basement and the rest I’ll have to sell. When I think of all the star trek collectable stuff I have, trading cards, school text, art, & general readings books, and knitting yarn stash I just want to cry. But as needs must it has to go and I readily admit I’m one hell of a pack rat. Like mother like daughter as they say. *LOL*

Happy Yule!

That’s all for this blog blurb….