Weird, Strange, Yet Wonderful Holiday Season.

It’s kind of hard trying to start this post, I don’t know exactly where to begin. In the last month I have met more guys on-line, made friends and been dumped, than I have in the last 20 years of my life. Here’s a sample of what I mean.

On the 24th I get dumped by a guy I know from his LiveJournal blog. That same evening a guy on PaganSpace, sees my profile photo and proceeds to plaster messages of praise not only on my comments board but on almost every photo I have. Telling me how beautiful I am and begging me to be his friend and “much more” – to quote him. It’s like being pursued by an uber alpha and having the wee-willies scared out of me.

The very next day , 25th, roughly around 9:30pm. Some guy named Muhammad Ali, who claims to be from Pakistan, 32 and a software engineer. Pops up on my yahoo messenger saying he saw my One Stitch At A Thyme blog and wants to be my friend. I kind of worry that I might be getting scammed by this “Ali” guy. But stupid me gives him the benefit of the doubt and befriends him; and before 2 hours are up he’s got me sending him my pagan cape pictures – I am so stupid, stupid, fucking stupid. That would be the end of my future if those pictures ended up floating around the internet. Why didn’t I just say no. {shakes head in utter weariness} I think the Goddess is being way too generous in dropping guys in my lap and it’s starting to overwhelm me.

On a lighter note, mom and dad gave me $100 for christmas and now I have the choice of buying the 2009 version of Norton internet security or I can pay for 2 months of storage unit space. My sister, although not suppose to, bought me a present as well. An exercise ball and resistance band Pilates workout kit with DVD. Don’t know how much I can use the ball with my back problems – disks that slip – but the resistance band will help tone my upper arms. Speaking of which, the dieting is going slow but steady over the holidays. I’ve only been keeping up with 2 miles a day on the treadmill, so I’ll only be losing 5 pounds this month. Next month I need to start job hunting again as I haven’t been doing any for the last 3 months and I need to get back to my 4 miles a day treadmill workout as well.

One last thing before I finish this entry. I’ve made friends with a very nice older guy from PaganSpace; we’ve been text chatting for 2 and a half weeks now. He’s a barefoot hedonist and has got me interested in toe rings and walking around the house in my bare feet. For Yule I bought myself 2 sterling silver toe rings, an Ankh and Pentagram. I took a pic of them and sent him a copy, he says my feet are sexy. I say, if you're going to have a fetish I guess a foot fetish isn’t as bad as most. Anyway here’s the pic I sent, what do you think are my feet sexy? *giggles*

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Well that’s it for this blog blurb.
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