Monthly Weigh-In, Glasses, and Needlework

Ok, my official end of the month weigh-in is here. Sad to say a very disappointing blow for me. The scales have been bouncing up and down all month, as I’ve had to deal with aching joints, fatigue, and sugar cravings (which I gave into). So as of Jan 31, 2009 I’m 177 lbs - just a 3 pound loss. This is the first time since I started last year that I’ve missed my 5 pound goal. Hopefully next month I’ll do better.

I’m still waiting on the optometrist to call about my re-maded glasses. They didn’t get the bifocals cut right the first time. So I’m have a rotten time, reading, typing, etc. and needlework is out unless I switch back to my old glasses.

Speaking of needlework, I’ve found another free french chart stitch-along. I’m going to be collecting the parts for this, as I have too many other WiPs to deal with at the moment, to even think about starting another project. It’s called “Grand Abecedaire” part 1 of 8 can be found starting at this blog entry:

Click here

The second acquisition is an out-of-print chart by Heaven and Earth Designs called “Eternal Promise” the artwork is called “Arwen and Aragorn” by artist Matt Stewart. I put up a {in search of…} plea on the HAED message board and a very kind person sold me her used copy. Almost the very next day someone else was asking if I’d sell it to them after I was finished with stitching mine. She’s going to have a long wait, because I probably won’t get started on this until sometime in 2010, if I’m lucky in getting a few WiPs done this year first.

Click here

Hopefully I can get over this cold weather/depression slump I’m in and start posting more book reviews and needlework updates this next month.

That’s all for this blog blurb.


Erna said...

Hi Ja'niece, found your blog while surfing . Nice projects your working on. Sorry to hear about your weight loss. But you did a great job so far. I'm always strugling with my weight myself, every day I start again .
Take care
Erna Holland

Erna said...

Hi again Ja'niece ,I didn't make the sampelr myself, it's a sampler from The Goodheart Sampler collection. It was lovely to hear from you, stay in touch.
Bye Erna

caytlynrose said...

I would also love to buy that chart off you when you're done with it....I have been coveting this piece for ages now....I look forward to sewing how you go...