Weight-in update, Needlework projects, and On-line dating

Well here it is the first Sunday in the new year. I kind of just squeaked in under the wire for my 5 pound weight loss goal for the month of December. At 1:30pm today I weighed in at 180.8 pounds. My water weight has been bouncing up and down by a pound or more this entire weekend. What’s worse is that during December I’ve been losing and gaining back the same damn 5 pounds all month long. That in itself has got me the most depressed. Hopefully with the holidays behind me I can leave the sweets alone and get re-motivated for this month.

I was going to pull out Camelot sampler and work on it. But I got new glasses last week and the bifocal prescription is off, everything is slightly blurred and/or ghosted. So no needlework until I can get in on Monday and have them look at it. I was very naughty today and I went to Everythingcrossstitch.com and spent $89.00us on 2 kits, 5 remnant fabric pieces ( all Zweigart 25 count lugana ), plus some kreinik braid and Mill Hill beads for the new Teresa Wentzler “Delightful Dragon Fob” that I got from patternsonline.com yesterday. I hope to put this cute little project on my quickie to-do list.

And now we come to on-line dating. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for me. I have several guy friends who text chat with me but none of them want to take it any further than that. I think I’m going to stop visiting my on-line message group forums and get back to concentrating on my dieting and reading my books. And if the Goddess sees fit to drop a man in my path, so mote it be. Otherwise I don’t want to deal with the emotional rollercoaster that I went through these last two months.

That’s all for this blog blurb.