First of the Month News and Weigh-in Recap…

Well as you can see from the stats map I’ve lost ground this year. I got down to 177 by the end of January and hit a brick wall plateau wise, and just couldn’t drop anymore no matter how strict I was. So at the end of February I cut back my routine from 4 miles a day down to 2 miles. In March there were 2 weeks I didn’t exercise at all. And in April when I got a month of temp work I quit all together and went back to eating what ever I wanted. And as usual my weight started to slowly creep back up on me to where I’m back up to 190 pounds as of June 1st.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Because I haven’t had any temp work for the month of May and it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming for this month. On wed. the 3rd, I’ve begun my 1000 calorie/exercise routine again. I’ve been off my diet/exercise for 2 ½ months, and it’s amazing how quickly one can get stiff and out of shape. I’ve had to literally start over by using 1 pound hand weights, only walking 2 miles (1 mi in the morning/ 1 mi in the evening) and turning the speed down on the tread mill from 3.1 to 2.9 miles an hour. Thank goodness those 30 minutes of stretching exercises I do after each mile hasn’t changed and I can actually feel the difference when I do them now. Hopefully in 10 days or so I’ll be back up to speed at 4 miles a day with the 2 pound weights. I’m still riding my bicycle on the weekends for a 5 mile ride when the weather allows....

As for my love life…. I’ve given up on finding a boyfriend for the time being. The 2 local guys I was in contact with seem to have moved on. One e-mails me from time to time, although he’s not interested in a “relationship” but just a casual friend’s thing. I won’t even go into the crap I’ve had to deal with on-line… but just to say I almost got nailed by a scammer who took advantage of my naïve good nature. So I’m ignoring the invites from social networks like MySpace for awhile. Licking my wounds and pulling out my much neglected needlework and concentrating on that along with my Wiccan studies for the time being.

So here’s to the Goddess granting me a full time permanent job and a skinner new me.
That’s all for this blog blurb.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan! i don´t know where to post my message. So I just posted in one of your entries. Whew, time flies so fast. I especially could not take track of time because I am so indulged in my projects and plans. I applied apprenticeship to a handful of textile workshops which restores antique textiles and also embroiders new stuffs around Germany. that means for at least 2 years my partner and I will have to live separately again, as soon as lessons begin. I already got 2 invitations for personal interviews and they are excited to see my needlework, including my bobbin lace. I still have to finish a couple of samplers before my interviews, I spend hours embroidering every day. Before I go to sleep, I usually update my flickr and blog. it keeps me focused on my goals. :)
I like your tickers!
Don´t worry about not finishing your WIPs. Just relax, you can focus on your body first. :)