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The Witches of Dixie (Witchery Series, #1) The Witches of Dixie by Laura Stamps

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book in my opinion should have be named “A Witches’ View on Life” for the 4 separate but intertwining stores of the 4 witches by any other name is in fact the author. These stories are not totally fiction but in reality the interests and loves of the author, Laura Stamps. After reading her LiveJournal blog for so long and then finally getting around to reading her first book, which she recommended long ago (sorry it took so long – L.). It was as if I were reading yet another facet of her quite interesting life. This book is not so much an urban fantasy as it says on the back cover; but in my view more a collection of thoughts, and inspirational messages. I found several spells, chants, and rituals that I liked and plan to tweak them to my needs.

The only down side to the book is that the first two sections were written in 3rd person view point; and for some reason that grated on me and I had to push myself to read past that and finish the book.

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