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Me and My Shadow (Silver Dragons, #3) Me and My Shadow by Katie MacAlister

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Hey what can I say.... I LOVE IT!!!!! Started reading it at 6pm wed and finished at 4am thurs a 10 hour reading marathon... there were just so many good scenes in the book, but I gotta say Magoth "stole the show". The scenes in the woods getting whacked with May's tail and the nakid "butt cheek" leather pants/chaps... Oh and him and Drake's mom talking kinky sex toys... LOL

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Sad News of Needlework Note...

Today I read on her blog and on her YUKU message board that Teresa Wentzler is closing TW Designworks permanently. It wasn't that much of a surprise; as back in May 2005 she had decided to take a leave of absence from cross stitch designing and concentrate on traditional artwork design. It looks as if her artwork design side of the business hasn't been as profitable as she'd hoped either.

Like the others who posted their heartfelt thanks and condolences on both her blog & message board; I too am sadden to hear of the closing of TW Designworks. But not the end (I hope) of her designing all together. I too, along with the other members of the TWBB, was hoping for Illuminata as her one last needlework design project. Perhaps with the burden lifted off her shoulders of the business end of design, Illuminata may still be finished and for sale on "PatternsOnLine.Com". The world of needlecraft design is losing it's brightest star. In my view no one will ever come close to matching her rare talent.

It's hard to imagine that 13 years ago (1996) I stumbled across Camelot, English Cottage, and English Garden Samplers in the clearance isle at Michaels craft store. And the rest they say is STASH history. It was Teresa's detailed designs that got me stitching again and becoming part of the family known as the TWBB. Thank You.

Brightest Blessings to you Teresa and to what ever your future may hold.
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