Happy Holidays - 2 Small Updates And Other Stuff

To all my Pagan friends Happy Yule, and to everyone else Merry Christmas.

I tried my best to finish part 2 of the Berlin Woolwork Sampler. However, I got called back to work after being laid-off for 3 months so I tried to work on it over the weekends but it just didn't happen all that much. So after tackling motifs 11, 12, & 14 I decided to stop working on it and move on to my French Mystery Sampler "Tree of Life". Which I started back in October of this year. As I am now 2 months behind, I really wanna catch up and for once stay current as the free charts are posted on Annick's site. I have this whole week off from work and now that I've got my shopping done for the holidays, I'm gonna give it my best effort to tackle parts 1 & 2. (Click in the thumbnail for a bigger pic)

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From left to right accross the bottom Motifs: 12, 13, 11, &14

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Here's the first 6 hours of part 1 "Tree of Life"

I'm still looking for full-time permanent work and a local boyfriend. Hopefully I'll have better luck with both in 2010. I've managed to contract Fibromyalgia this last year and it's taken a toll on my health. Constant joint pain and not being able to sleep soundly through the night has put 33 pounds back on me. This is somewhat depressing knowing that it took me the previous year to lose 88 pounds. I try to explain to people it's not what I eat, it's the fact that I can't workout like I use to. That and the lack of energy (chronic fatigue) makes my body try to shut down to conserve energy, hence the weight gain. Since I have no health insurance or permanent work to pay medical bills, I'm trying a natural supplement and vitamin treatment for the condition. I'm hoping it will work because I have no other alterative.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and stay positive over the holidays and through the New Year. I'm not really one for making resolutions; it's too easy to break them. So I will only say that I'm gonna do my best to keep up with my reduced treadmill workout and stretching exercises, reading my romance books, and stick to a rotational system for my stitchery so I can see some progress on my WiPs.

Happy Holidays everyone and see you next year.