Site Moved and a Update...

My best laid plans went up in a virus haze. I had planed to stitch all day Sunday and move my blog and publish my update on Monday. What ended up happening was me in bed for two days with the beginnings of a sinus infection and sore throat.

I was hoping to finish with Part 1 but that didn't happen. And since I'm not taking time off from work, I’m basically fighting this virus and I won't be doing much of anything else for awhile. So here's my progress on Part 1 of "Tree Of Life".

That's all for this blog blurb... until I'm feeling better.

Being forced to move....

I was hoping for a stitch-y update for everyone but since I'm still working... (YEAH!) I just haven't done too much in that department. I seem to be using my 2 free hours in the evening chatting on-line and reading e-mails... Horrors!!!.... LOL Anyway since I have Monday off from work I'm gonna see if I can't stitch the whole day Sunday and post my progress on Monday.

As for the title of the post.... it seems that Blogger is no longer supporting FTP publishing after March 26th. So that means I'll be moving my blog to Blogspot. I don't know how this whole transfer thing works so just incase you lose my RSS feed link you can find me again through my webpage at....

I'll be moving my blog either Sunday or Monday depending on how much I get to stitch.

Well that's all for this blog blurb.
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