Stitchy Update...

I’m home from work today with a sinus infection that appeared over the weekend. This is kind of funny because the last time I posted here I was sick with a virus. So anyway, I crawled out of bed long enough to update my blog with the finally finished part 1 of the French mystery project "Tree of Life" by Annick Abrial.  Click on image for a bigger pic.

Now I'm heading back to Berlin Woolwork Sampler. I've just recently found out that all 2mm silk ribbon has been discontinued by YLI in January 2010. So if you plan to stitch this chart best get the ribbon that is required for part 3 ordered now as it's starting to get scarce. I got a little over eager and bought 2 extra packages. So if you need it I'd be willing to sell it - first come, first get. 

Hopefully I'll get over this infection soon and be able to show some more input on this blog.