Brought an uninvited friend home.

Just a quick note - I didn't get much in the way of stitching done over the weekend.  I managed an inch or so on the hill, not enough to bother with an update picture.  I was going to work on it today but I've come down with a sinus infection and basically feel like death warmed over since about 3:30pm.   I hope it clears up enough by morning so I can go to work, if not I'll be sleeping the day away in bed.  I must have caught the virus Saturday night when I was out karaoke singing.


Well I think the boy friend thing is dead in the water.  Last Friday we made plans to have a DVD movie night.  But when I showed up at the apartment no one was there.  And when I tried to reach him on his cell phone he had it turned off so it went straight to voice mail.  So I went to my favorite karaoke bar figuring he'd call and explain the delay.  Well after an hour no phone call, so I decided to make it an early night of it because the bar was crazy busy.  After I got home I tried his cell again - still turned off - so I left an angry voice mail saying how inconsiderate he was for standing me up.  After two Mike's hard grape punches (malt beer) on top of the Mojito I had at the bar;  I was feeling really depressed and left another sobbing message basically asking how could he treat me like that.  Saturday came and went along with my birthday and still no phone call. Sunday evening I left one last indifferent message saying I hope his foot was better, that he missed my birthday on Saturday and that if he can find the time give me a call.  Quite frankly I don't expect a phone call from him after he's had four days to get in touch with me and hasn't.