Birds of a Feather Progress and Government Hoop Jumping.

By the looks of the last progress picture it seems I managed to do a fair bit of work on the tree and leaves over the year 2012.  I know once I get it finished and framed (provided I've got money) it's going to be a present for someone; as I really don't care for this style of needlework.

Right before I moved back in April 2012

As of last week.
Now that I've posted my "Birds" update it's time to head over to the WorkSource website and start looking for my 3 job contacts for the week.  Of being unemployed I think that pisses me off the most.  Part of my paycheck went into this system to cover my ass while I look for work.  Why is it I have to jump through hoops to get money that all ready belongs to me?  Maybe I should look into going back to school, get some sort of certificate or apprenticeship program. Maybe I'd have better luck.