Is anybody out there....

I haven't really forgotten about this blog, it's just I've been in a bit of a slump/depression call it what you will.  A year, four months, and a week ago I was pissing and moaning about the fact that I moved into my parent's prefab-house (aka the rat shack).  A lot of things have happened since then.  I gave up trying to fix the place after a list of repairs that cost me a pretty penny and then found out the floors were rotting just inside the front door under the linoleum.  Work was going some what well other than the fact that I wasn't being paid enough.  And I'm talking living wage here nothing way above the norm.

It was only a few months later in august 2012 that I met my new boyfriend through the karaoke friends I hang with.  A 300 pound ex-trucker/biker club member, His road name is "Viking" but his real name is Tony.  He has this thing about flashing his face out on the internet, so I won't.  Things between us have gone a bit on the cool side in the last 3 months.  And have only gotten worse because I was laid-off work over 4 weeks ago.


In March of this year my sister who was currently living in Ohio told me that she hated living there and that her husband was looking for work back here in Washington State and that she wanted to move into the rat shack that I was now living in.  I was fine with that, I could move out and someone would still be here to look after mom and dad.  So in July of this year I got on the waiting list for the apartment complex I use to live in.  I didn't have long to wait I got a move in date of September 20th.


Then my world crumbled around me.   September 19, just one day before I was to pick up the keys to my apartment, at 8am I and 9 other people were brought into the company conference room and summarily told you're laid-off. We were given no advance warning - just boom - get your stuff and get off the property.  I couldn't move back into the house, my severance pay amounted to one month's wages (roughly 1,600.)  Only enough to get the phone, electric, and cable turned on - the partial and one full month's rent. So I couldn't move into the apartment either.  I was essentially unemployed and homeless all within the span of 2 days.  I was given little choice, the only option I had was to put every thing I owned except the bare essentials in storage and move into my old bedroom back into the mold and insect infested basement of my parents home I escaped from 3 years ago.


I've been living in "The Cave" as I call it for a little over a week now.  And as I said depression is starting to sink its teeth into me.  I've found my old "Birds of a Feather" project and have started working on it again to keep my mind occupied.  I was going to post a progress picture, but when I finally found my camera I discovered the battery was dead so it needs to be recharged.  I'll post it some time tomorrow, well in this case later today as I've just noticed that it's now after midnight.


Whether or not someone actually reads this it was still therapeutic to get it out and down on paper.
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